Ready To Ship Curated Gifts For All Occasions!

We Love What We Do

Have you ever needed a present at the last minute?  Have you ever wanted to get someone a gift that you thought they would really like or enjoy but spent wayyy too much time shopping only to end up settling?  Have you dreaded having to go into several stores…or even just one…to try and find the “perfect” gift? 

Join the club…us too!  

Those reasons were the inspiration behind Clove + Cotton.

We have been working for the past few months to try and make gift giving the way it should AND joyful!  Our passion is looking for new products, new companies, new ideas that we think you will love.  Our custom gift boxes are not happenstance.  We start each keepsake box with an occasion or theme in mind, we then group several items together that complement each other.  When we have made sure that every item has been perfectly placed, a handwritten note is added, and we lovingly tie a beautiful ribbon around the box, or add one of our custom box wraps to add the finishing touch to your present.  All that is left for you to do is to give your gift with a cheerful heart.  Our hope is that every step will be a delight and one that brings a smile to you and to the receiver, as well.