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This beautiful box includes:

- The 100% Silk Eye Mask benefits include hydration of skin, anti-aging benefits, hypoallergenic, and naturally regulates body temperature.  Helps to block light which in turn helps to fall asleep.  So soft and so pretty.  This eye mask is total extravagance when you need it the most.

- Bentonite clay's drawing power opens pores and deeply cleans our impurities. It removes excess sebum that causes overly oily skin.  Antibacterial properties of the clay help to speed the healing of acne.  Skin will have that "healthy glow" after application of this mask due to the Bentonite Clay increasing blood circulation to the skin.

- The Almond Hand Cream is enriched with organic shea butter, olive oil, aloe vera and chamomile. Contains no parabens or phthalates.  Deeply hydrating, deeply restorative cream that comforts and soothes hands and cuticles leaving skin moisturized and velvety soft.  Scented with the warm, nutty fragrance of almond.

- Hand-poured, Coconut Wax Blend with 100% cotton wick, this enchanting candle contains notes of Warm Perique Tabac, Vanilla Husk, and Sandalwood.  No phthalates, parabens and it is sulfate free.  You will definitely find yourself relaxing while enjoying it's pleasing aroma. 

- White Fancy Matches in a unique glass container.

- Sparkling Champagne Gummi Bears are a little candy surprise  You will be delighted with the taste of Champagne dusted in sugar to make it sweet as can be.

- Complimentary Handwritten Message Card

- Custom Keepsake Box with Matching Filler and Tied with a Luxurious Ribbon